SEI NetworkSei Network SEI

Current Price

$ 0.340425

24 hour change: -4.52%

24 hour high: $0.36

24 hour low: $0.34

24 hour volume: $51,380,839

Rank 77
Circulating Supply: 3,050,000,000
Total Supply: 10,000,000,000
Market Cap: $1,044,579,216
Diluted Market Cap: $3,424,849,888
All Time High $1.14
All Time High Date 16 Mar 2024
All Time Low $0.10
All Time Low Date 19 Oct 2023

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SEI Coin Top Markets

Here are some of the most actively traded Sei Network (SEI) pairs across various cryptocurrency markets, excluding data from Coinbase and Kraken:

Sei Markets

These trading pairs represent the popular markets where SEI is actively traded against other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. By exploring these trading pairs on different exchanges, you can engage in SEI trading and analyze price movements in the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.

What Is Sei Network SEI?

The Sei Network recently launched its layer one blockchain protocol touting the fastest finality of any competitor. More intriguing is all the partners and projects already lined up to participate in the SEI chain.

If the future rhymes and rhythms with the past, we must take this brand-new network seriously as we look ahead to the next cryptocurrency cycle. Let us dig deeper into SEI Network to understand what differentiates it from the pack and how well it is positioned for growth.

How does SEI Network work?

SEI Network operates via a twin-turbo consensus protocol managed by nodes and validators and secured by proof of stake.

According to SEI Network, this allows for the following impressive stats:

  • 20,000 orders per second, compared to Solana’s 10,000 TPS.
  • 500-millisecond transactional finality compared to Solana’s 2,500-millisecond finality.
  • Unique front-running protection not present on Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Solana.
  • Faster, parallelized processing, which is only also available on Solana.

This brings us to SEI Networks’ primary focus: to be the fastest trading/transaction blockchain in operation.

Through interoperability, SEI aims to be the de facto trading infrastructure for high throughput defi, gaming, and other transaction-based projects.