UBA Finance (Universal Basic Asset)

From CoinClaro: UBA Finance is an interesting project emerging during the bear market merging ideas of mining with network/MLM stacking. Due to the ease of entry, UBA has the potential to gain traction. Currently, aside from the ‘network effect’ MLM nature, the future is quite unclear for this project. However please enjoy our full explanation of the UBA Protocol whitepaper explaining purpose, functions and how you can use UBA protocol. Do not consider CoinClaro coverage of UBA Finance as endorsement. We are not UBA bulls by any means, we simply wanted to better understand this project.

Risk Rating: High.

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What is UBA Finance?

The Universal Basic Asset (UBA) is an ambitious initiative designed to redefine how we understand and engage with the concept of decentralized identities and social finance (SocialFi) networks in the WEB 3.0 era. Here is a comprehensive dissection of this interesting venture, offering insights into its core principles, the technology underpinning it, and its potential implications for the digital world.

The UBA Token Concept:

The central idea behind the UBA is a novel spin on the concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI). The project focuses on analyzing user relationships, which traditionally exist off-chain, and transforming them into an on-chain relational network. This is a significant shift as it means all interactions, connections, and relationships between users would exist within the blockchain, ensuring transparency, reliability, and a secure verification process.

UBA Technology and Privacy:

UBA leverages the technology of zero-knowledge proof to establish a user data privacy layer. This innovative cryptographic method allows users to authenticate their identity and validate their identity tags without revealing their data on-chain. It creates a privacy-protective layer that ensures data security while facilitating verification. It’s a step towards creating a privacy-centric SocialFi network and Decentralized Identity (DID) system within the WEB 3.0 infrastructure.

The UBA Network:

The UBA network architecture is predicated on three fundamental units of analysis: User, Relationship, and Group.

  • Users: Users are classified based on their relationships, which are determined by their interactions and invitations within the network. This classification process allows users to improve their mining coefficient by upgrading their user level. Further categorization is achieved via ‘User Tags’, which could be ‘common’ or ‘node’, and are determined using address analysis and social media analysis tools. These tools provide insights into user assets, asset distribution, preferences, address interactions, character tags, regions, activity, and influence, leading to the creation of comprehensive user portraits.
  • Relationships: UBA network fosters two types of associations amongst users. ‘Invitation’ refers to vertical associations created by UBA user invitations, while ‘Interaction’ refers to horizontal associations formed when users team up across different vertical association structures. Both forms of relationships add to the complexity and depth of the network, facilitating a more connected and engaged user base.
  • Groups: Information transmission within a group setting is typically swift, but inter-group interactions often pose a challenge. To counter this, UBA incorporates social features and leverages the PageRank algorithm with UBA’s user system. This combination aims to enhance user interaction, solidify user connections, and establish comprehensive group relationships.

Future Implications:

In the second quarter of 2023, UBA plans to conduct a community vote, supporting developers based on the UBA user relationship network. This support aims to help in the creation of high-quality, ecologically sound projects that could include chat software, forums, social platforms, and more. The goal here is to further stabilize relationships among group members, increase user activity, and enhance overall network influence.

Universal Basic Asset, therefore, is not just a digital asset; it’s a dynamic initiative that aims to remodel the user-relationship landscape in the WEB 3.0 environment. By prioritizing privacy and facilitating deeper connections, UBA endeavors to create a transparent, interconnected, and highly secure social fabric within the digital realm.

Universal Basic Asset (UBA) Mining

UBA allows for an easy and accessible mining system that provides participants with a variety of benefits. By participating in the UBA NFT mining pool, users can gain exclusive rights and bonuses based on their user levels. This setup encourages engagement with the platform by offering team benefits as well. Once the UBA Token begins circulating, a UBA Token mining pool will also open up.

UBA Relationship Graph Interface

The UBA relationship graph interface enables a comprehensive understanding of user profiles by combining both on-chain and off-chain data associated with the user’s wallet address. This data includes product-side captured information such as IP addresses, nationality, device model, email, social account, etc. Combined with on-chain address analysis tools and the UBA analysis mechanism, accurate user portraits are made, which facilitate precise user guidance.

Zero-Knowledge Proof

UBA employs zero-knowledge proof to construct a user data privacy layer. With this layer, users can confirm their identity and the validity of their identity tags without exposing data to the blockchain. This technology supports the development of a privacy-protected SocialFi network and Decentralized Identity (DID) infrastructure within WEB 3.0.

The UBA Value System and Developer Support

The UBA Network aims to support developers by providing APIs containing user level, label, and other relevant information. This feature allows for quick user acquisition and precise traffic importation. Developers are further supported in creating high-quality ecological projects, such as chat software, social platforms, and more. GameFi developers can also utilize the UBA network and user labelling functions for customized tasks, joint NFTs, airdrops, and other product activities.


UBA NFT is a representation of a user’s identity within the UBA ecosystem. Currently, UBA Crypto Trader and UBA Influencer 3D Avatars are available in Binance NFT and OKX NFT markets, and offer exclusive rights such as NFT mining pool access, increased mining coefficient, and governance voting.

SUBA, another identity proof in the UBA network, is distinct from UBA NFT and is integrated into the entire UBA ecology. It carries similar rights and interests as UBA NFT and promises priority participation and future rewards in ecological projects.

UBA Ticket

UBA Ticket is a reward system based on user online time and sees a 25% reduction in output every year. In the UBA ecosystem, UBA Tickets can be exchanged for Ticket Quotas and UBA Tokens, used for NFT upgrades and synthesis, and pledged to improve user and team level coefficients.

UBA Token

The Universal Basic Asset Token (UBA Token) serves as the project’s governance token and supports the development of the UBA ecosystem. There is a cap of one billion tokens in circulation.

The tokens are distributed as follows:

  • Advisers: 2%, initially not in circulation, unlocked in 12 quarters
  • Private Round: 13%, 7% initially in circulation, the rest unlocked over 6 quarters
  • Marketing: 7%, issued according to market plan with no lock
  • Team: 11%, initially not in circulation, unlocked in 12 quarters
  • Ecological Fund: 23%, initially not in circulation, unlocked in 12 quarters
  • User Incentive: 35%, released from pool based on product stage, mined via UBA Ticket
  • Staking and Liquidity: 9%, not locked, rewarded according to pledge and liquidity pool rules

The UBA product ecosystem, therefore, is a comprehensive and interconnected suite of offerings designed to foster user engagement, developer support, and ecosystem growth. It leverages state-of-the-art technologies and innovative methodologies to create a robust, user-friendly, and privacy-centric digital platform.

Concluding Thoughts on UBA Finance

The UBA Finance is certainly ambitious, but somewhat lacking clear information of the direction this protocol plans to take. A great deal of focus is on the social network aspect. However, how can this be deployed in a decentralized privacy focused way? What CoinClaro sees is a potential new take on Bitconnect/Onecoin with zero cost of entry. Simply mine, refer, repeat, and bank on the network effect creating a value out of the token.

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